Tyrrellspass Castle

Travelling between home and Alexandra can be a pain, so we try to break up the journeys. And Tyrrellspass Castle Restaurant is on the old Dublin road, just off the motorway. It is a stunning building from the outside, restored and with plenty of parking. Inside, it is quiet, with lots of little rooms, rather than a huge open space. It feels more intimate that it is.

We have stopped here several times, and it is consistent. We don’t need to book either (planning and boating don’t seem to go together). The food is plain, comfort food. It is not fine dining, but doesn’t pretend to be, and they do what they do well.

We had chicken wings: tasty but no finger bowl, and a melon fan to start. Lovely fresh fruit. I requested water and a jug arrived immediately. I had a cold and was feeling a little sorry for myself, so I had the turkey and ham. It came with a side of mash, and a second side of veg. There were roasties on the plate too, and plenty of meat. This is a meal for the hungry! Mike had a huge half duck on the bone, with separate sauce.

Mike has an allergy issue, but that didn’t bother our attentive waitress who made sure we were catered for. The food is good, the service pleasant, and the prices reasonable. It stays on our list of places to return to.

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