Beans & Leaves Restaurant Review

My first ever restaurant review!

I love eating, so visiting restaurants and doing food reviews should be easy for me. But writing a restaurant review which is balanced and fair isn’t as easy as it might seem. But here goes! First up is Beans & Leaves in Athlone. This lovely restaurant is just off the main street, down by the side of Burgess’ department store, and with great views of the River Shannon and lock.


What does Beans & Leaves do well?

It does an all day breakfast menu, which is freshly cooked, as well as lunches and specials. Mike ate every bit of his hot brekkie. I had poached eggs with fresh home made brown bread, and then a scone and butter pudding. The custard came in a very small jar and was a bit too thick to pour.

If you want a treat for brekkie, try the poached apricots and Greek yoghurt. Gorgeous.

We have eaten here many times, mainly for late weekend breakfasts. But I recently had a lunch special – cottage pie. Oh boy, it was comfort food at its best.

Beans & Leaves is consistent and reasonable. It is clean, but maybe cover the fresh bread just inside the door? Staff are attentive. The coffee is strong. Keep up the good work. I reckon I picked an easy place to do my first restaurant review.



When visiting by boat (and walking), Beans & Leaves is a 5 minute walk from the public moorings. But we recently visited Beans & Leaves by car, and while the restaurant was up to its usual high standard, we got a very different impression of Athlone. The parking in the area is terrible – not enough, narrow one-way streets, and expensive. I met a tourist attending a conference at the Prince Hotel, who came out to his car every 2 hours to top up his parking. This is crazy.

PS just to be clear, I still love the restaurant 🙂

PPS I notice that the bread inside the door is now covered.

Beans & Leaves, Lloyd’s Lane, Athlone.


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