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Doing our bit…

There has been much talk of charities lately, and unfortunately most of it relates to disgraceful behaviour on the part of well recognised charities. It makes doing our bit somewhat difficult. But I have some suggestions!

My first suggestion is waterways based, and also close to my heart. Fergal Butler, from Dublin, has repaired, and built some of the most stunning boats you are ever likely to see. And one of them, Old’s Cool is a fine example of his hard work and talent.

Wooden boat restoration Old's Cool
Old’s Cool: Courtesy of Fergal Butler

But there is no stopping Fergal! He wants to bring his family (and 2 wheelchairs) onto the River. And for this, he has bought a cruiser which he is renovating to accommodate his family. His wife has set up a gofundme account, and I cannot think of a better Shannon-related cause at the moment. Here is a link https://www.gofundme.com/bqnrrbyk with more information on the progress he is making on the build. Join Fergal on FB https://www.facebook.com/fergal.butler.5 and say hello. Please, please give him a few shillings – I have seen his work and I can assure you that it is incredible. If you are skilled, contact him as he is looking for assistance with some aspects of the build. He is also looking for some parts, so drop him a line if you have stuff you could donate. One of the loveliest waterways families I have met, and an incredible enthusiast. He is hoping to have his converted cruiser on the River for next season.


And the second suggestion!

It goes without saying that we have an interest in boats. But this extends to other mechanical things such as cars. And we use our rare and unique car for various charitable events throughout the year. The largest of these is Drive4charity.com. This is a group of young people with an interest in cars, (yes, young drivers…they aren’t all bad) who use their love of cars to spend a weekend touring around Ireland, raising funds, highlighting issues, and having fun at the same time.

Mazda Rx-7 taking part in Drive4charity.com
Efini on show in Eyre Square, Galway, as part of Drive4charity.com. Courtesy of divmedia.ie


This year, all funds will be going to the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. At our Gala night, we had a heartfelt talk from a lovely woman who has had not 1, but 2 children in Crumlin. She explained how the facilities had improved as a result of charitable donations, making life in a difficult situation a little easier for stressed parents. Join the drive4charity fb page, and drop into their site www.drive4charity.com for a nosey. And of course, let me know if you would like to donate.

Phenomenal photography of Drive4charity.com, taken in Eyre Square, Galway from divmedia.ie can be seen here: https://roundme.com/tour/71940/view/176739/


And back to the Shannon for my third suggestion…

There are far too many drownings in Ireland every year. But you might remember one particular tragedy on Lough Ree in 2015. Three men went fishing, and only 1 came home. Of the other 2, it took 16 days and a huge effort on the part of rescue services and the people of Athlone to find his body. So my third suggestion is one of the Search and Rescue services that finds lost bodies, bring closure to grieving families at a horrible time.. Link here: https://www.gofundme.com/2kqre7g


Hopefully I have given you some ideas on charities and “doing your bit!”


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