Alexandra's Log

If it wasn’t for the weather…

The Irish are supposed to be a friendly lot, but if it wasn’t for the weather, we wouldn’t have so much to talk about. Well, the last few weeks has seen some exceptionally bad August weather. We have had heavy rain, but much worse (on a boat anyway), are the unseasonal winds. Lough Ree can be unpredictable, but there is no doubting the bad weather forecasts lately. On Saturday, Met Eireann issued yellow rain warnings, and promises of Force 5 to 6, and gusting 7. Well, Alexandra would be uncomfortable in these winds, and my nerves disintegrate long before we get to a Force 5. So we stayed in the marina, and used the car (how lazy is that).

Friday evening saw us in Killinure Chalets trying to beat a steak. Ha ha! Not happening. TG for doggy bags. And Saturday’s weather was even worse, so after a lazy day, we left. We stopped in to Tyrrelspass Castle Restaurant for some comfort food (I had a cold, no thanks to the weather), and I will do a review of the restaurant later.

I know many people are quite happy to stay in their base marina for a weekend. But not me. If I wanted to stay, I would buy a house, not a boat. I get claustrophobic and bored if I am weather bound. Very occasionally, we will stay in the marina if there is work and cleaning to be done. But for the most part, we want to go somewhere.

Stay safe.

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