Alexandra's Log

Fisherman’s Blues

We really don’t go looking for trouble. Honest!

But if we see anyone in need of a bit of assistance, the spirit and camaraderie of the Shannon is something we feel strongly about. We have been rescued ourselves in the past (a story for another day).

So when we saw a small open boat with 2 blokes onboard, wedged into the reeds near the sandbarge, we took a nosey. The wind had started to pick up.

One of the men stood up and waved. Clearly in trouble. It was a bit tricky to get a rope to them – it was windy, we didn’t want to get stuck in weeds or shallow water ourselves so we couldn’t get too close, and even shouting at them, it was hard to hear.

First throw of the rope, the bloke at the stern caught it, but had to let go. Ironman couldn’t have pulled him backwards, out of the reeds and against the wind. Second throw was successful and we towed them out of the reeds and into clear water. He held on to the rope until they cleared the reeds from the prop, their engine started immediately, and off they went.

We have few rules on board. And the main one is to wear a lifejacket. Always. And most especially if you are off the main drag. Or towing. Or in trouble of any kind. Or if the boat is moving and you are on deck. Please wear a lifejacket. Please.

I am your lifejacket
Pic courtesy of the RNLI

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