Alexandra's Log

Dins for 5? No problem!

Catering at home and catering on a boat are just not the same! Expectations at home are much higher. So sometimes entertaining on board is actually easier.

But on a boat, facilities can be limited, shops aren’t always within walking distance, your car is back at the marina, and sometimes you don’t know who is going to turn up. But this is all part of the fun, so make the best of it!

We joined up with my Mum, and Patricia and Mel from Pamel. Come on board, I said. Join us for dinner, I said. We’ve got plenty, I said.

(Home made scones and afternoon tea for 16 people on Alexandra, with just 20 minutes notice, is easy peasy for Mom, but I am just not in her league).

Well, there wasn’t quite plenty for everyone, so we joined forces. Trish cooked steaks, and made salads on Pamel, and I roasted a chicken and potatoes, and laid the table on Alexandra.

We squashed up, ignored the mess, poured wine, and had a great time! And for me, this is what boating and the Shannon is all about – gathering around with friends, the chat, the craic. So what if it started raining, and Trish had to bring food, and I ran out of place mats? It is a boat after all!


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