Alexandra is a 34′ Bounty. She started her life as a hire boat on the Thames. She was brought to Ireland in 1994, and has been in my family ever since.

In that time, she has travelled the length of the Shannon, the Shannon Erne waterway, Lough Erne, the Grand Canal as far as Dublin and out to sea, and the beautiful River Barrow. She has explored many of the tributaries of the Shannon too – such as the River Suck to Ballinasloe, and the River Boyle.

Alexandra is a typical river boat – sturdy and comfortable but not fast. There are several Bounty 34 boats on the  Shannon, but Alexandra is unusual in that her windows are all tinted. I guess the River Thames weather is better than ours! She sleeps 4 comfortably and 6 if you are all very friendly.


The boat is currently based off Lough Ree in Lakeside Marina, near Glasson, Athlone.

Over the years, she has been improved inside with soft furnishings, and new appliances, and also a new heating system. Her windows have also been re-sealed, although that’s a job that never seems to be finished.

Re-sealing windows – a never ending task


Gasket kaput
Not good news- that put a stop to  weekend plans

Ah yes, the broken gasket. But Mike had the gasket replaced and the engine running within a week. This happened 2 years ago – running smoothly ever since!


LED lighting
LED lights

The old lights were so heavy on the battery that reading or using them for any length of time was a no no. But the LEDs are easy on the battery and create good light as well. Strong enough for reading. The lights shown in the photograph are used for eating but there are also much brighter lights. We have replaced almost all the original lights, and much of the wiring too.

Alexandra is currently going like clockwork, all thanks to Mike from Clinton Marine who lovingly maintains her elderly engine and running gear. And occasionally she gets a wash from me.