About me

My name is Ilona and I have been enjoying the River Shannon since I was a child. I am the lucky owner of a cruiser called Alexandra. She is currently based in Lakeside (near Athlone), so we will be exploring Lough Ree and the Athlone area for the forseeable future. I keep a log, and I am hoping to share it with you.


So why My Lovely Shannon?

I spent much of my childhood on the Shannon. We cruised the river and lakes (as well as the Canals and River Barrow). When I was a child, the river was a quiet place. There weren’t many cruisers, and meeting another boat was a cause for excitement. I used to know the name of nearly every other boat. So I got used to having it more or less to myself. I am very protective of it, and cringe in horror when I hear stories of fish kills, litter or talk of draining it to provide drinking water.

Even now, there is no greater pleasure than passing time, sitting at anchor, with the place to myself. I treasure Lough Key (not strictly part of the Shannon), and have fond memories of family time exploring the maze, getting scared silly by bats in the tunnels, the fairy chair, the forgotten canal, and walks throughout the Park. Portumna Castle holds special memories for me as a child. So does Drumsna. And Kilglass. And Ardnacrusha. And the list goes on!

Today, I have the opportunity to share our log with you, to share our adventures and activities and love of the water, to share our pictures and stories (and maybe even some shenanigans) with you, all thanks to the wonders of modern social media.


Welcome to My Lovely Shannon.